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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 3, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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dozens of cars torched near san francisco airport, what investigators think might have sparked this fire. good evening everyone i'm holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. at last check the accident was still on the roadway. meanwhile dozens of rental cars were torched near san francisco airport and tonight investigators suspect illegal
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fireworks are to blame. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in south san francisco and has new video of the fire, maureen. >> reporter: ken 300 cars are parked in this overflow parking lot for hertz near the airport. cell phone video we just got to the ktvu newsroom shows the flames, dark smoke from this afternoon's fire. tonight the incident remains under investigation, but they are looking into if fireworks are to blame. near the parking lot sits shell after shell of cars after the fire. >> it's terrible. the cars were parked like sardines. >> reporter: all parked on dry grass, wind fueled the fire at about 2:00 this afternoon. >> the flames started catching the vehicles, and we were
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trying to play catch up and contain it to a particular area. >> reporter: by the time they caught up, 45 vehicles had burned in a parking lot that backs up to a motel. >> i called my brother and said, get out of the room, the lot is on fire. it looked like an inferno. >> it looked awful, they had to evacuate the motel. >> i heard fireworks then we looked out the window and i want to say not even three minutes, looking out the window the fire had started. then the bars just started eug -- then the cars just started igniting. >> reporter: firefighters had to use foam to douse the fire. while hertz workers arrived to remove the cars still salvageable. and this is a notoriously windy area, just before 9:00 tonight
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just a little over an hour ago flames reignited. firefighters have been looking for signs of fireworks but still have not found any. >> reporter: loss of dry fuel and perhaps kids with fireworks made for some scary moments this afternoon. a grass fire was threatening a couple of duplexes. the fire managed to hit a fence behind the duplexes. neighbors say they heard kids setting up fire crackers at near by richardson park. firefighters say today's fire is a reminder of even so called safe and sane fireworks. >> they are illegal, i mean we've noticed a lot of people buying them in the outlying areas and bringing them in. parks and playgrounds and
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schoolyards are very common where kids shoot these off. not only for the injury potential but for the fire potential. >> reporter: firefighters say they got lucky today controlling the fire so quickly in part because the owners of the land behind the duplexes had kept that grass well cut. large crowds are expected in san francisco tomorrow at the city's big 4th of july celebration. thousands are expected to gather tomorrow night on the embarcadero to watch the fireworks. final preparations were being made. crews loaded the shells for the independence fireworks. about 2,000 fireworks will be shot into the sky during the 20 minute show. >> we've always got new product every year. so wait and see, there's lots of nice stuff, supposedly saying nice clear sky. so it'll be fun and exciting. >> reporter: if you're planning to head to the city to watch the fireworks, police suggest you take public transit. if you take b.a.r.t. you can get off on the embarcadero station and you will be close to the event.
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for a list of all the fire work shows in the area, you can go to in oakland the temperature top 87 degrees. a light breeze provided just enough relief for those who were shopping at the farmer's market at jack lindon square. in berkeley, folks made their way to shore for a day of fishing. the clear sky and nice weather led them to lift anchor and head out into the water. janine de la vega tells us how the heat kept some people scrambling. >> reporter: bob bronus blasted a few plans, he even had his window open. the air conditioner hasn't been working for a few days and it had him worried. >> there's a lot of older people who die in the heat like
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this. >> reporter: technicians at keep it flowing air- conditioning company have been so busy the company hired additional staff to come in. >> we're doing call to call, priority with the elderly and newborns due to the heat. >> reporter: those who do not have air-conditioning found relief playing in the water. >> i feel like i want to go in the water and stay in there forever. >> reporter: for nicole keith who is due to give birth in four days the heat can be unbearable. she headed indoors. >> we got out here early, we're going to go to the mall because they have the little rides inside and there's air- conditioning and i can get a lemonade. >> reporter: the cesar chavez
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park is open, it's a place to cool off and it's free today. bay area air quality officials have not declared a spare the air day for tomorrow, the 4th of july. it certainly was another summer sizzler today. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo to see just how hot it got in the bay area. >> reporter: look at inland, a completely different story, quite a few triple digits to report for concord, fairfield, antioch and morgan hill 96- degree. outside right now we have a fog free condition, still pretty mild in the area. the heat advisory that was in place that expired earlier this evening. but we still have warm numbers out there. just updated a few numbers, we're checking those right now.
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livermore at this 10:00 hour 78. san jose 69 with that sea breeze cooling off san francisco already checking in at 60 degrees. we do have mostly clear skies for the most part across the bay area. coming up we'll run this forecast model. let you know when the fog returns and temperature changes you can expect for the fourth of july. crews in livermore are working at this hour to return power to scores of homes. 1,600 homes are without power right now. 2,300 homes had no electricity this afternoon. officials say they are not sure when the power will be restored to everyone. they are still trying to determine what caused the power outage. crews were able to retrieve a plane that crashed.
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the lake l.a.4200 plane capsized and sank in richardson bay. the pilot and passenger were rescued by a good samaritan boat. this morning a salvage crew did find the plane and pulled it from the bay floor, not very far from where it sank. san jose police tonight are reporting little progress in their investigation of a shooting that left a man in critical condition. police responded to loma verde drive at about 9:30 last night after reports of gunshots. officers arrived and found the man had been shot several times. paramedics took him to a hospital where he is expected to survive. police haven't made any arrests. in berkeley, a hazmat team responded to a hotel this afternoon after an employee discovered to be a meth lab. a housekeeper entered the room to find it trashed and full of mysterious mixtures. the hotel cut off power to call
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police were not sure what they had, and that's when they called the hazmat team to come check it out. >> looked like they had powders and liquids inside. if you walk in initially you walk in and say, this could probably be a drug lab. >> reporter: the items turned out to be common household cleaning materials and cooking mixing, not too dangerous and not a drug lab. investigators say the person staying in that room has mental health issues. authorities tonight are looking for the driver involved in a fiery crash in richmond that left one person dead. frightening moments for a veteran crop dusting pilot. what caused his helicopter to crash in the field near brentwood. a twitter town hall meter, what issues president obama plans to address online, the news continues in 90 seconds.
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law enforcement agencies across the bay area are out in full force. as allie rasmuss tells us, the roadways have already proved to be dangerous. >> we have an extra day off, we want to relax with family. >> reporter: people headed late
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to their destination, -- officers closed the roadway to investigate a three car crash. witnesses saw the driver of a white nissan run away from the scene. chp investigators want to talk to him to find out how this crash happened. >> we have a passenger from his vehicle. that's kind of our key witness at this time. >> reporter: chp does not know if alcohol was a factor in this crash but warned all drivers to use caution this weekend. >> there's a will the of traffic on this freeway, a lot of people trying to get out with the good weather and what not. people need to be careful. make sure they're wearing their seat belts. >> reporter: even if the highways seem crowded, aaa expects less people on the highways. the highway patrol is among those cracking down on drunk
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drivers and so far this holiday weekend, 161 people have been arrested in the bay area for driving under the influence. that's up from 128 arrests during the same time period last year. arrests statewide are also up. a maximum enforcement period runs through tomorrow. a recent study by the national highway traffic administration found that about 8% of all drivers who pass through nighttime checkpoints are impaired by marijuana. currently there's no equivalent for the breathalyzer to check for marijuana impairment. they're looking to come up with a scientific today so officers on the scene can better crack
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down on those offenders. supporters of redevelopment agencies say the measure violates prop 22. which voters passed last year to prohibit the state from raiding local tax coppers. a woman was hit and killed by a amtrak train. the train was headed to sacramento this morning when it struck the unidentified 27-year- old woman. no one on the train was injured. the passengers boarded buses to continue their trip. a helicopter pilot was sent to the hospital after his chopper crashed while he was crop dusting in eastern contra costa county. claudine wong reports. >> reporter: emergency crews got the call about 6:30 this morning. they raced to this field near sellers and highway 4 on the outskirts of brentwood and found the crop dusting chopper down. >> when we arrived at the scene we had one helicopter down with the victim still inside. >> reporter: the pilot had some
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scary moments when his chopper fell 20 feet to the ground. emergency crews say he was in the process of spraying local fields and say mechanical failure is to blame for his crash in this corn field. >> we have a lot of corn that's produced in this area. he was spraying the crop, spraying the corn. and he was turning around and he lost control of his vehicle and he had a mechanical failure. >> reporter: the pilot was the only person on board and was cautious. firefighters say he is well known in the area and knows this terrain well. >> he's very familiar with this area. what i'm being told is he sprays the majority of the fields in this local region. >> reporter: not the day this pilot had planned for. authorities say he will be okay, and will likely get back up in the air again soon. claudine wong, ktvu news.
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the race for the white house president joe biden asked the national education association to support president obama's reelection bid. >> these are america's children. these children are the cut strings that lift our national ambitions along. >> joe biden gave a fiery speech to the nation's largest union in his conference. tomorrow they will decide whether to endorse president obama like it did four years ago. many members oppose the president obama's support of charter school and linking teacher pay to student performance. michelle bachmann focused on religious issues when she took her campaign to a church this weekend. bachmann visited several churches siting the bible and telling the audience about her
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own spiritual awakening. afterward she met with members of a congregation before heading to a pizza parlor. president obama will be holding his first ever twitter town hall. he will be answering questions from the white house. the cofounder of twitter will select the questions. we continue to follow the developing news in wood side where a small plane has made an emergency landing on the freeway. also coming up, guilty or innocent? when the jury is supposed to get the case of casey anthony. the calls behind the spill that released thousands of gallons of oil in the famous yellow stone river. temperatures soar today across the bay area. but the winds tonight beginning to change. coming up, the temperature cool down you can expect tomorrow. i also have your fireworks forecast.
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now to that developing news
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where a small single engine plane has made an emergency landing in woodside. the location is near canyota college. debra villalon has the story. >> reporter: the person in that car was not hurt and neither was the pilot. he was the only one on board that plane. the chp says it's amazing that everyone walked away from this. the emergency landing of a cessna 210 that had just taken off from san carlos airport about 10 miles away. the pilot did radio a may day to air traffic control before gliding the plane down to the freeway. the pilot doesn't want to be interviewed about his mechanical interview, but the aircraft built 35 years ago had just gotten a new engine and
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was on a test drive when that new engine quit. you can imagine traffic got out of the way but one driver was clipped from behind. >> she was just in shock basically. and very understandably so. she basically, she was driving, right after that she saw a plane behind her. >> reporter: the last couple of hours the tension has shifted to getting the plane off the shoulder of 280. it has a 37-foot wind span. it stands 10 feet tall at its highest point and taller on a flat bed truck. so going through three overpasses from here to the airport is going to be
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difficult. >> we're happy that this wasn't having a much more tragic ending. >> reporter: the pilot, the co- owner of the plane identified as scott bohanan. he has been watching the activity but he has had no comment. he will be talking to ntsb investigators back at san carlos airport. bohanan offered to try to fly his airplane off the freeway, that was a no go from chp. reporting live near woodside, debra villalon. and the latest from the case of casey anthony. the defendant cried as the prosecution told jurors she murdered her daughter to get back the life that she had before she was born. >> she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important.
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this murder was premeditated. and the defendant is guilty. thank you. >> reporter: the law says you must base your verdict on the evidence not on emotion. and it's my biggest fear because it's such a difficult thing for you to push aside. >> reporter: caylee anthony disappeared in 2010, she was discovered two months later near casey anthony's home. investigators found that the hotel maid makes the accusations has a history of lying. legal experts say now prosecutors can go forward with the current charges, reduce those charges or negotiate a plea deal. kahn's lawyers are calling for the case to be dismissed. the former leader of the monetary fund is due back in court on july 18th. the refresh her memory are
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divided whether kahn should make a -- the french are divided whether kahn should make a return to politics. 49% say yes he should return. 45% said no, and 6% gave no answer. the americans including some from the bay area were held after staging a protest today to demand the release of the captain of the boat audacity of hope. yesterday the captain sailed the boat out of a port near athens but was turned back by the greek coast guard then arrested. the audacity of hope is one of ten boats in a flotila planning to sail to gaza to protest the naval block aid. some of the boats carry emergency supplies. in other news of the world tonight, libyan rebels received an important diplomatic boost.
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the turkish foreign minister traveled to benganzi to recognize the council as the legitimate representative of the libyan people. turkey also promised the rebels an additional $20 million in aid. that's on top of the $100 million earmarked last night. the rebels currently control the eastern third of libya while gadhafi controls much of the west. in thailand the city of an overturn and exiled former prime minister is promising to do her best to leave the country after a landslide election victory. waltras seen here voting is the youngest center of faxwin sinoatra. now if confirmed, yin will be the country's first female prime minister. in cambodia a temple reopened after years of
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reconstruction work. the work actually started in the 1960s, but was interrupted by cambodia's civil war and did not begin again until 1995. the 11th century complex draws 2 million visitors a year. cleaning up a large oil spill in the yellow stone river, officials say a break in a company pipeline dumped 42,000-gallons of crude into the famous waterway. exxon claims the damage is limited to a 15-mile stretch of the river. the epa says only a small fraction of that oil will be recovered because of the fast moving waters. firefighters in new mexico are making progress in the fight against a fire in los alamos. the fire is now 19% contained. los alamos residents were allowed to return home this
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morning. air is very unhealthy because of the smoke. los alamos laboratories are expected to open wednesday. the first round of evacuees from minot were allowed back home. the red cross has been on hand since the disaster a week ago helping victims. >> we came in and we started to haul off sandbags and pump out water out of our basement. while we're standing here, along comes some cold water and snacks for these folks that got crosses on their chest. we just want to say thank you. >> 5,000 guards men remain on duty through the holiday weekend to monitor waterways
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along the -- monitor high water levels along the river. this is the martinez police department where law enforcement continues despite a heavy heart all because of the death of an officer. and a dead deer is discovered in one bay area neighborhood and police tonight are warning residents to be on alert for a mountain lion. i t, every day. i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap.
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we have breaking news out of san francisco to tell you about at this hour. witnesses are telling ktvu news police are on the scene of a shooting at the civic center b.a.r.t. station. it appears the shooting happened at the platform level of that station within the last two hours. both nummi and b.a.r.t. are not stopping at the station right now. we are sending a crew to the scene and we will bring you further details as they become available. the martinez police department are struggling to cope with the loss of an officer. the department is dealing with someone trying to take advantage of the death.
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>> reporter: 6-year-old payton almost preston are their father's sons. their mother says that they're a spitting imagine of their father. >> peyton wants to be an officer now, yes it's nice. >> reporter: sergeant carter died after a 2-year-old battle of hopkins lymphoma. i met him last year and even then he was more concerned of finding donors. >> i saw him in pain for so long, that i know he's in a better place. >> really devastating, for a small organization, as you can imagine, trying to put the pieces together. >> reporter: and just like in
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stars', someone is trying to take advantage of the case by trying to ask for donations in the case. >> it's real amazing someone would try to take advantage of the matter. >> reporter: in martinez, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. statewide regulators are allowing native americans to continue their ancient first naming practices at least for now. the tribal officials say the plan still restricts fishing in many areas, the plan will now go through an environment review. el cerrito police are warning resident there is about a mountain lion roaming the area. it apparently attacked a deer on friday near the area of charles street and edwards avenue. after examining the deer and evidence at the scene, officers determined it had been attacked
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by a cougar. mountain lions rarely attack people but police advise residents to be aware. they say keep a close watch on small children and slowly walk away while facing a mountain lion and avoid running. come august, the judge is scheduled to hear a lawsuit brought by a michigan man who says chevron owes him a quarter of a million dollars. despite what he says might have been a computer glitch. back in 2004, he set up an online account to buy $1,000 of chevron stocks. the sale never went through. but christie says that was chevrons and an investment firms error not his. so he says he's entitled to the stock. christie says he's still willing to pay the $100,000. lawyers for chevron and the investment firm says, that litigation cannot be used as a risk free investment strategy.
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boeing's long delayed 787 has completed it's cross country flight. the plane landed today in seattle. the jet is mostly made from carbon fiber and composite materials. it's lighter and more fuel efficient than other mid-sized airliners. development problems delayed production by three years. today mark it is 40th anniversary of jim morrisson's death. and people are gathering in paris where he's buried to remember him and his music. >> ♪ >> morrisson of course was the lead singer of the doors. today former band members lit candles at his grave. fans say there is still much to celebrate about the music and morrisson's contribution to music. morrisson was found dead in his
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bathtub from a drug overdose. and how many spent the day while getting a history lesson. and it was hot today but what about tomorrow? mark tamayo is next with a look at the forecast and when you can expect triple digittings. -- triple digits. [ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job
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here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans
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to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪ the forecast pretty much right on track for today with warm temperatures for the beaches and some hot numbers inland approaching triple digit the territory right around 100 degrees. right now we still have mostly clear skies as you can see the fog bank way offshore. go ahead and deploy some of the buoys and come in a bit tighter. i'm showing you this because we have a change in the wind
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direction. you can see offshore winds gusting at 27 miles per hour. that wind, that westerly wind that will help increase the marine layer a bit. that will change as bit as we head to your 4th of july. temperatures mainly in the 50s, and a lower 60s, concord right around 60 degrees in san jose in the upper 50s. here's the change for tomorrow, we have patchy fog develop coast side first thing tomorrow morning. with that, we're going to cool things off. coast side and also right around the bay with that cooler breeze in place for the 4th of july. still some hot numbers inland back up into the mid, possibly the upper 90s, but most areas on average coming down about three to 6 degrees from today's highs. so still looking pretty good at least for your 4th. here we go again, showing you some of the fog. we have mostly clear skies out there. i put this into motion for monday. we could still have a few
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patches develop. we could have a few patches coast side. maybe sneaking locally into the bay. mostly sunny skies by 3:00 and 4:00. then i'll run this into tomorrow evening and we could see patchy fog developing coast side. here is your 4th of july forecast beginning 7:00. some patchy fog out there mainly right around the coast and into the bay. by 12:00, mostly sunny skies. by by 3:00 we'll have the hottest temperatures pop up. here is a look at the forecast high, fairfield 96, brentwood 98 degrees. livermore 96 and oakland in the upper 70s. san jose in the upper 80s right around 88 degrees. and san francisco we'll go with 73. half-moon bay 64. here is the big fireworks forecast for tomorrow evening. patchy fog, all those little
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red dogs -- red dots are the fire displays you can find those on here is a look ahead, your five day forecast, temperatures cool off on tuesday. the upcoming weekend will be much cooler, mainly 50s, to 70s to low 80s. looks great for the 4th of july. >> i saw a guy walked around with a bag of ice on his head. >> that was a good plan especially inland. >> seemed to be working. thanks, mark. some families spent the day back in the 1960s. today was pioneer day. visitors experienced what life was like way back in the 1800s before air-conditioning. children were invited to go
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gold panning and churning butter, make adobe bricks. today's event was hosted by the organization history san jose. baseball's all star line ups are announced, we'll tell you who made it from both the a's and giants. the san jose sharks shake up their roster with a huge trade. sports wrap is next.
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. they are still 10 games under 500 but the a's are hoping to get into the american race this season. before today's game began, gio gonzalez learned he was named to the


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